Pat McCrory

North Carolina State Governor
Pat McCrory (R)
1963 Maryland Avenue
Charlotte, NC 28209

Mailing Address:
PO Box 98027
Raleigh, NC 27624

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Pat McCrory was raised in Guilford County and attended Catawba College in Rowan County, where he earned degrees in Education and Political Science. He packed his bags for Charlotte and went to work full time for Duke Energy. A management-training program put Pat through a rotation of digging ditches and climbing electric poles as well as stints in various management jobs from human resources to economic development.

Inspired by the desire to make a difference in the city of Charlotte, Pat threw his hat into the political arena and decided to run for an at large city council seat, and won. He won two more times, serving as Mayor Pro Tem in the process. Pat was elected Mayor of Charlotte in 1995 and went on to serve a record seven terms.

When Pat was elected as Mayor, Charlotte was on the cusp of an explosion of growth, and he was just the visionary needed to help take Charlotte to the next level to become one of America’s great cities. Mayor McCrory tackled and showed great leadership on Charlotte’s major issues like economic development, infrastructure, transportation, public safety, and education. Tens of thousands of jobs were created while Pat served as Mayor as he was the consummate champion for economic development and job creation.

Mayor McCrory more than rose to the occasion and under his leadership Charlotte became an economic hub in transportation, banking, manufacturing, energy, and tourism. Pat successfully reduced the property tax rate as well as the city’s crime rate. In its endorsement of Pat McCrory for Governor, the Charlotte Observer wrote that Pat “kept city government clean and helped make Charlotte a place where people want to live, and one which has attracted thousands of newcomers.”

Pat is a nationally recognized leader in economic, transportation, and homeland security issues. He served as the Chair of the Republican Mayors Association and received a presidential appointment to the Homeland Security Advisory Committee.

Pat founded the Mayor’s Mentoring Alliance in 1995 and has personally served as a mentor to youths. In 2005, Charlotte was named in the 100 Best Communities for Youth by America’s Promise. Pat was also the only elected official to serve on the national board of the Afterschool Alliance and was a featured Mayor in Harvard University’s Faith-based Executive Session. Pat has been involved in many local charity boards, and served as the honorary chair for the Charlotte chapter of the Alzheimer Foundation and the Arthritis Foundation.

Pat has testified before Congress and has been an expert guest on several national media broadcasts, including National Public Radio, ABC World News, Lehrer News Hour, CBS This Morning, MSNBC News, CNN, CNBC and Fox News, among others.

Pat works for the firm Moore & Van Allen on energy issues, economic development, and strategic initiatives and serves on the corporate boards of Lending Tree and Kewaunee Scientific Corporation. He resides in Charlotte with his wife Ann and their dog, Mo.

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