Debra Goldman

North Carolina State Auditor
Debra Goldman (R)
PO Box 3396
Cary, NC 27519

Debra has always held in highest regard her role as a trusted, public servant. Trust in the public service is a goal beyond ambition; it is a goal and an obligation born of the many challenges that she has undertaken in her life and in service to the public.

Debra’s early career as an advocate for educational improvement laid a solid foundation of knowledge and experience in the educational reforms she would later champion.  But Debra’s history of volunteer services isn’t confined to traditional avenues of achievement.  Debra is a retired volunteer firefighter and EMT with a resume which includes national certifications and features a history of honor in duty and gallantry in action.

Debra has never approached a challenge or task where victory was a by-product or an option.  No challenge in her life has represented her tenacity or her spirit better than her battle to conquer breast cancer.  It was a battle like all of her other battles, one she never fought alone and couldn’t have won without a guiding faith and a loyal and steady supporting circle of family and friends.

Debra’s early involvement with public schools was driven by a need to become a force for change and improvement where the need was greatest, in the classrooms of her own children.  But Debra discovered through her growing awareness that the needs she discovered weren’t just confined to individual classrooms. She saw needs beyond the blackboard—needs which led even further beyond the local administrative office, and eventually to the governing board room.

Since her election in 2009, Debra has twice served as the Vice Chair of the Wake County Board of Education—North Carolina’s largest.  From her seat at this very important table she began a new challenge in an expanding role she has fulfilled with great vigor and success.  Debra’s greatest personal and professional challenge has been to hold fast the line on personal responsibility, to tirelessly advocate the principles of fiscal conservatism in exercising the public trust, and to hammer home the guiding ethics of government accountability.

Now, Debra’s vision has once again expanded to encompass needs even beyond the Board Room.  And beyond the Wake Education Board Room, there is great need.  The people of North Carolina—her taxpayers and her cherished institutions—have, in recent years, suffered crippling insult and injury through an increasing numbers of breaches of the public trust.  Breaking scandals are an almost daily feature of capital news flashes.  Once shocking reports of fiscal mismanagement are now commonplace, to the point of relegation to the sad status of background noise.  And the waste and fraud that have emerged as a blighted watermark of the state’s Medicaid program are evidence of an unfolding tragedy of proportions as yet unknown.

Is there any wonder that the public needs a new warrior for responsibility and accountability?  As State Auditor, Debra will revolutionize the way North Carolina State Government is assessed.  The taxpayers of North Carolina have grown fearful of the end result of the increasing number of public financial scandals, reports of fiscal mismanagement, and the dire emergency resulting from shoddy and fraudulent Medicaid casework.  Even worse, North Carolinians have lost faith and confidence to the point of becoming cynical of their own state government and inured to the abuse of trust by our elected officials.   In taking on the role of North Carolina State Chief Accountability officer, Debra will take on yet another challenge and extend her vision once more to begin a new fight in service to North Carolina.

Debra has been a resident of Cary, North Carolina for seven years.  She is the proud mother of two college students and one student in middle school.

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